AGM 23rd June 2018 Minutes

Parenthesis Choir

Annual General Meeting ( Draft Minutes) 23rd June 2018

Apologies were received from Rosie Harrison and Liz Husbands

Draft Minutes:                                                                                                                  The minutes of the previous AGM were agreed and accepted. There were no matters arising.

Chair’s Report

Liz gave her report, starting with thanks to everyone involved, including the committee and those standing down from it, Thanks to others who help in many ways. It has been an exciting music year including Beethoven and Verdi, which we did manage to pull off. We support each other well, and will do so for the French choir visit!

Next term will start on 8th Sept 2018, when the focus will be on Christmas events and our concert on 9th Feb 2019 in Caversham Heights Methodist Church

Liz has bought some music to add to our stock that Reading Borough Council were selling off

Treasurer’s Report

The full Finance Report has been and still is available on our website. Keith, our Treasurer  was unable to attend today. The contributions from the French choir towards their visit next month have been received. Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Ruth Johnson and seconded by Tina Reynolds and approved  unanimously.                                                                                                                   Musical Director’s Report

Matthew’s report can also be seen on our website. Matthew added that it has been a difficult year due to him accepting other work that he needed to do, requiring absences from Parenthesis.

The Verdi had been hard work, but was a great success. Keep up this standard – it’s really good. We will have to rethink how summer terms work, maybe a collaborative project for the summer concert, so that we have only half the music to learn.

Looking ahead maybe we’ll do some jazz, but he’s still deciding. Will Todd’s Mass in Blue is a possible piece. For the future Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms. He’s also open to suggestions from the choir.

Nominations:                                                                                                                  All nominations for the Committee were proposed en bloc and accepted unanimously.              The new committee was duly elected.

AOB:   There was a query for the committee to consider going forward – how to resolve the problem of choice of summer term music and choir members absences which result in the choir not being prepared well enough for the concert.