AGM Agenda 2018


Annual General Meeting: 23rd June 2018


1          Minutes of previous AGM

2          Matters Arising

3          Chair’s Report

4          Treasurer’s Report

5          MD’s Report

6          Elections for Committee: the following nominations have been received:

Chair           Liz Harrison, proposed by Lorraine Hartley , seconded by Jenny Iosson

Secretary    Lorraine Hartley, proposed by Jenny Iosson , seconded by Richard Harrison

Treasurer    Keith Morphett, proposed by Lorraine Hartley, seconded by Alison Murray

Librarian     Chris Hawkins, proposed by David Cottam , seconded by Lala Stryjak

Member      John Allinson, proposed by Jeremy Wheeler, seconded by Mike Johnson

Member      Alison Murray, proposed by Barbara Handy, seconded by Tina Reynolds

Member      Margaret Sampson, proposed by Veronica Elleson, seconded by Andrea White

Member      Jenny Iosson, proposed by Liz Harrison, seconded by Lorraine Hartley


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