AGM Saturday 3rd June 2017


Annual General Meeting ( Draft Minutes) 14 May 2016

Apologies were received from Veronica

Draft Minutes:

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted and agreed, proposed by Maria, seconded by Ruth. There were no matters arising.


Keith, as Treasurer, presented the accounts. Key points were that there was a slight improvement in our overall financial position due to the timing of the end of year and the disposition of the terms. Our Easter concert had made a profit, due to the excellent audience figures. Coffee breaks, especially when there is cake, continue to be a useful fund-raiser.
Points raised in discussion included other suggestions for charitable activity, such as giving public performances at no cost, and providing opportunities for young musicians
Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Richard and seconded by Lorraine.

Chair’s Report:

It had been an eventful year. We were very grateful for Ian’s support in helping us recruit a successor to Valerie. Her final concert and the celebration lunch were both great successes. We owed a serious vote of thanks to Tina, Lorraine and Liz. Although cancelling the visit from La Stephanelle was a disappointment it was inevitable. The choir survey had demonstrated that singers would prefer to sing earlier on Saturday morning and this had resulted in our change of venue. In her final year, Ali thanked Martin, for his continued support, Maria for the refreshments, Ian for regularly deputising, Chris for his work as Librarian and all the Committee.
Tina proposed a vote of thanks to Ali, which was carried by popular acclaim.


All nominations for the Committee were proposed en bloc by Rosie and seconded by Gay. The constitutional amendment allowing an outgoing Chair to continue to the end of the Summer term was passed, proposed by Ruth and seconded by Liz Husbands.


There was no other business.

The meeting closed at 11.15am

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