Supporting the Hosts

We need host support when our French Guests are with us. Not everyone can host and some people who have hosted in the past are no longer able to do so but we hope you will find some way that you can be involved and help the hosts out.

Ways you could help.

We need people to provide filled hot water flasks for tea and coffee on rehearsal days.

We need people to make cakes for rehearsals and desserts for the Friday party day.

If you live near a host and are able to give lifts some hosts may appreciate the offer.

The trip to Winchester. Hosts would appreciate some time without guests and if you were able to go on the trip that would be appreciated. John is organising the trip and would appreciate some offers nearer the time.

Liz and Tina will ask for help for the various meals we are hosting at the Abbey in particular the supper before the concert.

If you live near a host and feel you could make a meal or part of a meal for them to serve or host a group and feed them that would be great. We will put you in touch with each other after Easter.

Just a few ideas for you to think about until we have a completed hosts and guest list. We will start asking for offers after Easter when we start back in the summer term.

Finally everyone is invited to the party on Friday 12th July.

join our choir
Marjorie Caballero, co-chair

Our thriving choir is always keen to welcome new members. We are a friendly bunch, who love to sing, socialise and generally have a good time. We also enjoy visiting our friends in the French Alps, La Stephanelle, and making Music together. 

So if you think this sounds like the place for you do get in touch.

Registered Charity – 1099030

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